Fix Dell Laptop no connections available

Another one for internet connection errors.

We got another question today, “Why is my Dell XPS laptop saying there are no connections available”

We have written a bit about internet connect issues and some even more specific articles for example connectivity issues on the Dell latitude.

We will add another hopefully it will helps solve your issues.

The solutions am going to share will also apply if you have an inspiron saying no connections available or latitude.

It will mostly be the same for any dell computer.

Establish connection availability

WiFi connections in windows 10
WiFi connections in windows 10 image courtesy New York Times

First lets actually check for internet connection availability.

I know you have already check but bear with me there is lots of us here. So we start with the basics.

You can do this on a different device. You probably have a phone with you, turn on WiFi and check if you are able to connect to any of the WiFi spots available or if any are availablle.

Now that that is out of the way lets go to the computer.

Disable Airplane mode and enable WIFI

Check if airplane mode is disabled. Airplane mode disables all connections to your to your computer hence you wont be able to connect to the internet when its on airplane mode.

Yes I said we starting with the basics.

To enable or disable Airplane mode in Windows 10.

Click the WiFi icon in the system tray and click on the Airplane icon as shown in the image below

Dell Latitude 7480 laptop connected to WiFi
Dell Laptop connected to WiFi

You can also disable and enable WiFi using the function keys. Press and hold the Fn key and simultaneous press the WiFi key, on the Dell Latitude am using right now its the PrtScr button.

You can see it with the symbol. It might be a different key on your laptop.

Pressing the key combination will toggle it on and off.

Now that we have gotten the basic stuff out of the way lets look at the possible reason why your computer is saying no connections available.

First its probably a drivers issue.

Troubleshooting network drivers

Changing Network adapter settings
Network adapter settings

If there are no network drivers installed or they are corrupt you will have WiFi issues.

Use another computer or device that can go online to download drivers from

on the Dell website go to Drivers and support and enter your service tag. This will make sure you download the correct drivers by identifying your computer.

If you don’t have the service tag use the link on this article to learn how to get your service tag. You can also browse the computers to identify your laptop.

Now look for and download the latest Network drivers.

Install the drivers and see if the network issue is fixed or it still says no connections available.

Use Ethernet to update drivers

Since your computer is not connecting to the internet via WiFI you can connect using the Ethernet cable then follow the instructions below to update the drivers

First you need to go to Device Manager

  • Right click on Windows Start button
  • Select Device Manager
  • Select and expand network adapters
  • Right click on the devices under network adapters and select update drivers

Windows will search and install the latest drivers available for the devices you select.

Do the same process for all the device under Network adapters

All Dell drivers properly installed
All drivers properly installed

Windows Power Saving Settings

The windows operating also turns off some devices when not in use to save power. The is great for battery life but may cause issues with devices.

You can set your WiFi adapters to always be on.

  • Go to Device Manager as per the earlier instructions.
  • Click on Network and then right click on your wireless adapter,
  • click properties, power management.
  • Uncheck the box, allow computer to turn off this device to save power.

This will prevent windows from turning the device off

Power Settings

Also in windows Power settings

  • Go to the power options,
  • change the Wireless Adapter Setting, from Maximum Power Setting to Maximum Performance.

The should optimize the WiFi settings

Upgrade WiFi card

Killer 1550 WiFi compatible with the Dell XPS 15
Killer 1550 WiFi compatible with some Dell XPS 15 laptops

Another option to look into is to upgrade the WiFi card. This is a bit extreme but sometimes maybe necessary for some users who require a more powerful WiFi card.

However it should be noted this requires a big deal of research for compatibility issues, knowing which type to get and whether its supported by the motherboard.


To put it shortly, the steps are the following 

Try to reconnect to your WIFi or say you are not too sure about the networks available, use your phone to connect your laptop – as a trial run.  

Problems with internet connections on your laptop are mainly caused by software (drivers) and hardware. 

It is then your responsibility to take care of the two – maintain up-to-date software and hardware to avoid a storm of computer challenges that would come your way.

Finally, we have one invite from you. If your PC is still giving you problems, tell us your specific problem so we can help you where we can. 

Who knows maybe someone else out there is facing the exact thing and is at the brink of figuring it out but just waiting for your thoughts. 


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