Dell whatsapp support contact

WhatsApp support now available for Dell Power Edge servers in the UK

You looking for the WhatsApp number for the dell technical support team.

Good news!

You are in luck.

For Poweredge server support in the UK Dell has availed a WhatsApp number where you can chat with the technical team.

The Dell support WhatsApp number is +447810847061.

A few things to note, it will only be available weekdays that is Monday to Friday from 09:30 – 1700 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Have your service tag number ready, they always ask for it.

WhatsApp support for dell is currently only available for Poweregde servers. But with the current user base and growth of Whatsapp it wont come as a surprise as it becomes available for other services.

A lot of big tech companies like Godaddy already provide tech support, sales and other services on Whatsapp.

Why the call for WhatsApp support

Big companies have always had issues with providing support to their customers. Dell has not been immune to that either.

A quick search on customer experience unearths tonnes of angry rants from customers.

To add on to that if you have been on calls with any of the support people you either been subject to long call waiting only to be told by an outsourced agent that your case needs to be escalated to someone higher up.

Then another wait

Social media is the same you wait hours for your messages to be responded to.

In light of all that, WhatsApp support is welcome, whether its will be effective remains to be seen.

When we tested it, the responses were reasonable fast.

Not too bad.

The pros

With Whatsapp support you don’t have to be on hold like how they do on the phone. Keep you on hold hoping you quit.

You just have to wait for the message notification. This means you can be doing other things while waiting for the solution.

Also you probably always on WhatsApp at least I am always.

Too add on it does add up much on phone

The cons

The main draw back is the response time. You may be in need of urgent solution only to have the response come at snail pace.

But it remains to be seen as more people use it whether it will be effective

Tell us what you think about whatsapp support or share your experience in the comment section if you have used it to contact Dell.

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