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Best Dell Soundbars for your monitor

Sound bars do you need them.

I know what you thinking, no thanks I will just buy normal speakers.

Wait hear me out.

If you got your nice Dell monitor you definitely want the Dell sound bars. Look at the image below. Doesn’t’ it look neat

No extra space used. It attaches to your monitor and you have great sound and you can do your Zoom calls without adding other accessories. To add on to that, the price is very cheap, you can click the image above or this link to see the prices.

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Dell Sound on Dell Ultrasharp monitor
Dell Sound on Dell Ultra sharp monitor

Of course there are a lot of different soundbars with varying prices and features that’s why we sampled a couple of them and prepared this guide for you.

First we will cover Dell specific ones which are pretty cheap as you have seen in the link above and then we will cover ones that are not Dell specific but that are good.

Whats the best Cheap Dell Soundbar

1. Dell Stereo soundbar AC 511M

Dell AC 515M Soundbar on Dell Ultrasharp monitorwith good stereo sound
Dell AC 511M Soundbar with good stereo sound

Check Price here

There are a couple of reasons why we liked this one. First its the price, its cheap but cheap doesn’t mean low quality. Yes its stereo but the quality of the sound is pretty good unless you are a hardcore audiophile or really want big speakers.

Its also easy to install. You just plug it in and it works.

Just like that, no extra software to be downloaded and installed it works straight from the box.

It comes with an easy mount which you can use to attach to your monitor.

If you want a beast of a soundbar check our last pick at the end. Its pricey but its a bang for your buck.

2. Dell Pro Stereo Soundbar AE515M

Our second pick would be Dell Pro Stereo Soundbar

This one is a slight upgrade from our first pick, but its a bit pricier check here. It includes extra features.

Firstly like the AC 511M it comes with an easy mount to attach to your monitor which is designed for Dell Ultra sharp monitors. So you just attach plug it and it starts to work.

Additionally the AE515M has a dual mic with an echo cancellation feature, this reduces background noise which is helpful if you are in a slightly noisy environment.

Dell AE 515 Soundbar mounted on Ultrawide monitor
Dell AE 515 Soundbar mounted on Ultrawide monitor

On the front you have LED indicators and controls which you can use to switch between loud and private when on calls. For example if you want to make a family call or when you just want a private call on your headset without anyone hearing. You can easily switch between the two options using those buttons.

It should be noted that these soundbars are not your high fidelity sound reproduction kind that you use for your flaac music. If you want those check our next ones.

The following are not dell sound bars

3. TaoTronics Gaming Computer Speaker

If you are a regular desktop computer user and you want speakers that are of decent quality at a reasonable price, then this one is for you. Look at the price here

TaoTronics is now slowly becoming quite known for their sound systems.

TaoTronics soundbar, Gamiing computer speaker
TaoTronics soundbar, Gamiing computer speaker

The reason why we really liked this one is the audio quality. The looks might be deceiving but the audio quality was better what we expected.

So for your regular desktop experience get this one. The price is also less than the Dell Pro Stereo AE 515 which is quite reasonable.


This speaker supports Bluetooth 5.0 which means though it might not be mountable to the monitor unless you do a setup of your own you can put it anywher around your work area and connect via Bluetooth.

You can also connect headphones with aux cable and listening privately.

You can connect it whichever is convenient for you, fire it up and we are convinced you will be satisfied with the quality.

4. Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Under-Monitor Soundbar

Okay yes this one is expensive but budgets differ right

On the plus side it comes with a sub woofer and its quite loud.

This is perfect for your home office. It comes with a wall mount which you can DIY install easily.

Creative stage 2.1 Channel soundbar
Creative stage 2.1 Channel soundbar

This soundbar is long hence ideal for ultra wide monitors or TV screens. You can put the bar under the monitor and TV and the sub woofer under your work table. This creates the illusion that the soundbar has some incredible bass but of course the bass is coming from the subwoofer.

Yeah we had a bit of fun testing them.

When it comes to power. It has its own power plug, you can plug it in on any wall socket allowing for creativity in placement. You can play around with placement of the subwoofer.

When it comes to controls you have two options. First you have controls on the soundbar, they are located on the soundbar. Second there is the remote control, this is ideal especially when you using it on a TV then you don’t have to sit next to it.

You can control it from a distance.

Its also supports bluetooth and connection via aux.

You also have the option to play music directly from a USB drive. Quite a lot of options.

5. JBL Bar 5.1 4K Ultra HD 5.1-Channel Soundbar

This one is good for your TV its quite wide but technically it can be a computer soundbar. Before you crucify us saying thats not for PCs we will remind you that there are some ultra wide monitors out there and who says a soundbar has to fit under the monitor it can be wider and still look good.

Dell JBL 5.1 Soundbar with 10 inch subwoofer and detachable speakers
Dell JBL 5.1 Soundbar with 10 inch subwoofer and detachable speakers

Before we go further another disclaimer this one is expensive but its a JBL soundbar and it comes with an assortment of additional speakers and subwoofers so you can enjoy a true home theater system.

The cheapest we could find on Amazon of this kinds is on this link

What does this JBL Bar 5.1 4k sound have?

Okay, of course you get the soundbar and in addition you will also have two detachable battery powered speakers. Don’t forget to charge these. You will also have a very powerful 10inch subwoofer. A note on the detachable speakers.They may be able to go for more than 9hrs but you will have to charge them for about 3 hrs.

Connectivity: The soundbar supports bluetooth connection and has 3 HDMI ports.

It also comes with a remote control.

If you have the money and you are an audiophile this will be a worthy purchase.

Do you have better recommendations

Let us know in the comments section if thing there are better recommendations and why.

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