Who is the Dell Dude, What happened to Him?

“Dude, You are getting a dell”

If you lived in the 2000 era you would remember the Dell guy. You wouldn’t go through a day of watching TV without the dell guy appearing.

Yes some of us are pretty ancient

Who is the dell Guy?

The dell guy is Ben Curtis. Benjamin Bowmar Curtis also know as Steven the acting name he went by on the dell tv ads. He was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Ben Curtis the Dell guy now

He auditioned for a dell ad campaign at age 19, while the campaign required 12 -17 olds Ben was able to get the part and went on to feature in more than 2 dozen dell ads.

The commercials would feature Steven (Ben Curtis) exhibiting Dell computers and would end with Steven saying “Dude you getting a dell”.

Dell had made great success on the corporate front but the personal computer space was still untapped. Steven became the face of Dell to the consumers, the ads were able to bring the dell computers to prominence and increased the sales significantly.

What happened to the dell guy

On February 2003 Curtis was arrested on charges of attempting to buy marijuana. An undercover officer spotted him buying from a drug dealer.

After spending the night in custody he was released and his case expunged on the condition that he does not get in trouble with the law again within a year

Unfortunately Dell terminated his contract and the Dell Dude had to look for work else.

Where is the dell guy now

In an interview with Business Insider Ben Curtis revealed how he was a bartender for a while to get by. Now he does acting, voice overs and film work.He also does Yoga and has started his own wellness company. He continues following his dream of acting.

Ben Curtis net worth

While a lot people think that he made millions with his dell contract. Ben Curtis has an estimated net worth of 100 thousand dollars. Though he has an given a specific figure on the amount he made, he revealed in an interview that he made 6 figures contrary to the millions people believed he had acquired.

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