Dell Quickset utility program

Dell Quickset, What is it and How to disable it

Dell quickset is a dell program that comes preloaded on most dell computers. It allows you to quickly change various settings like screen brightness and adjusting volume on your computer. It monitors power usage, battery on laptop and enable you to configure and change the settings.

Now its no longer available on the newer dell computers as it was discontinued and replaced by control point and then Dell enhancement pack.

The program is set to automatically start when windows boots so its always running on your computer. You can see it on your Task Manager as the process quickset.exe.

Do I need Dell quickset

Most of the functions that the dell quickset application does the windows operating system already does it for example regulating power usage, enabling function keys. Which means there is a redundancy of functions. However Dell would not ship computers with the program if it was mere bloatware.

Removing or disabling it wont render your computer useless.

How to disable dell quickset

Since dell quickset is always running it uses system resources. Just to be clear it doesnt use up a lot resources. If you want to disable it, you can disable it from startup.I will show you two options, for windows 7 and then window 8 and 10

Windows 8 and 10To disable dell quickset in windows 8 and 10 you use the task manager.

  • Right click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager
  • Click on the startup tab
  • Look for quickset.exe, right click on it and select disable

Windows 7 and Below

To disable dell quickset in windows 7 you use the System Configuration Utility

  • Press the Windows Key + R
  • You should get a window like on the picture below that says run
  • now type “msconfig” without the quotes on the run window
  • Press Enter
  • Click on the startup tab
  • Look for quickset.exe
  • Remove the check mark then click apply and restart the computer
Run window to run windows command

The next time you boot the computer dell quickset wont run

Download Dell quickset

The Dell quickset utility was a big thing thing in the XP and windows 7 era but not so much now. It actually wont install some dell machines. To download it go to and click on drivers and support.

On the list of drivers you should be able to find the application. Alternatively search for it on

If you dont find it then you have the new models of dell and they dont support it since it was discontinued and replace by other applications as I mentioned above.

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