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how to screen record on a dell computer

We recently wrote an article on how to screenshot on dell computer.

What if you want to do a screen recording on your dell computer.

Well that’s easy too.

Not much technically expertise required.

We going to cover multiple methods to record your dell laptop or desktop screen.

You don’t need to install any software for using this method. Well at least for the first 2 methods.

First we will use the Windows 10 game recording feature.

windows key + G to bring up the game bar
windows key + G to bring up the game bar

This will allow us to record screen. Works weather you playing a game, recording your browser or even creating a tutorial.

  • To begin recording press the windows Key + G on your computer
  • A small window will appear on the center of your screen with the title of the currently active window and settings
  • Press the center button to start recording the video
Windows game bar to record video
Windows game bar to record video on your dell computer

A couple of things to note, you can change a lot of the settings for example if you want to record audio you can enable the microphone which will be disabled by default.

You can adjust the volume of other applications that you have open. On the image above I have the browser open, zoom and Windows media player running. You can adjust the volumes of the various media as show in the image above.

The recorded video size will match the screen resolution, This means the size of the video can become big very fast depending on the resolution of your screen. If you have high resolution for example 1920 x 1080 or larger within a few minutes you will have more a gigabyte video.

Videos will be saved in the My Videos folder when you stop recording.

PowerPoint screen recording

The second method also does not require you to install any software but you need have Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint on your dell computer to use fr screen recording.

To begin recording the screen

Start PowerPoint, Create a blank slide then Go to an insert, then on the far right side of your screen screen recoding button button will appear. Click Screen recording as in the image below.

Recording your screen with PowerPoint

A small window with 4 buttons will appear like the one below will appear.

Click the first Button which says record, you can select a portion of the screen or the entire screen to record

Screen recording bar

The bar disappears after a while to get it back hover over the top center of the screen and it will reappear and you can stop or pause the recording

Once you stop the screen recording the video will automatically be saved inside the slide. Now you can save it on your computer as its own file in an MP4 format.

Right Click on the video and select save media as. Browse too where you want to save the video and type the filename. Click Save

Save video from PowerPoint
Save video from PowerPoint

You can edit your video using a video editor of your choice an external video of your choice. Also note that PowerPoint offers options to edit your video too life increase brightness which can be helpful if you don’t want to pull out your fully fledged video editor

OBS screen capture

Now for some robust rich feature screen recording you can download and install OBS. Open Broadcast Software is open source, you can download it for free from here.

After downloading has finished double click the file to begin installing. Follow the wizard to install.

OBS is fully fledged streaming and screen recording software hence it has a lot of features

The learning curve is not that steep either especially for the basics.

We won’t go into much depth on OBS screen recorder, we will just get you started on recording the screen

After OBS has been installed.

Start the software and click add sources as in the pointed arrow below

Add videos sources

After clicking the plus sign, select display capture.

On the small pop window tick make source is visible and click ok.

On the bottom right of the screen you will see the options to start streaming, start recording, start virtual camera.

Select start recording. Now go and do what you want to record on the screen. OBS will be recording the whole screen in the background.

Start screen recording in OBS
Start recording your screen

Also note audio will also be recording, you can mute audio recording on the audio mixer if you don’t want the audio.

When done go back to OBS and stop the screen recording.

Your video will automatically be saved in my videos folder unless you have changed the default folder to save to.

You can record portions of your screen, record and mix multiple sources various qualities and so on.

Poke around the setting most of it is really intuitive. Some setting might be resources intensive on you dell computer.


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