How to factory reset Dell latitude laptop

Need to breathe some fresh air to your dell latitude.

Its a good idea. There are a couples of reasons why you may want to factory reset your dell latitude computer.

We will cover multiple methods that will help you to achieve that depending on the scenario you are facing.

Why you should factory reset your dell latitude laptop

  1. To remove viruses
  2. Clean up and speed up your computer
  3. To get a new fresh operating System
  4. To fix various malfunctions
  5. Change of ownership.

Before we get started its important that you back up your files as some of the methods we will use will delete all the files on your computer.

Even though some of the methods will keep the files its wise to just backup your files just in case there is a glitch in the process.

Its better to be safe than go through the headache of trying to recover data from a formatted hard drive.

Reset Dell Latitude laptop from Windows.

This is the easiest option. What we will do is reset your laptop’s operating system to how it was when you bought it.

This method will keep your files but programs you installed will all be removed. As already mentioned above backup your files anyway.

Windows Settings

To start

  • Press the windows start button.
  • Search for and select settings.
  • Then click on update and recovery.
  • Now on the left select recovery.
  • Then on the right of the screen under Reset PC Select Get Started.
  • Choose between Keep my files and Remove Everything.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.
Refresh windows from recovery options

After the process is complete and your computer has restarted and reinstalled a fresh copy of windows you can now install your programs on the fresh operating system.

Use Dell Factory Image to reset Dell Latitude

Dell back up and recovery restore your system software to a saved image

This method will completely wipe all data on the computer and install a fresh copy of windows. So you know what to do. Backup first.

This method will use the operating system that is stored on the recovery partition of your hard drive. If you have removed the recovery partition you won’t have this option.


  1. Switch of the computer
  2. Now turn it on and as the computer turns on immediately press the F8 key contiuously until the Advanced menu appear. If the Advanced menu doesnt appear, keep interupting the boot process by turning off the computer and turning it on again before it full boots. If you do that, on the third time it will say diagnosing PC then enter the Advanced menu.
  3. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard select Repair Computer then press enter. Select English or your prefered language
  4. Next, enter your password if requested and then select Dell Factory Image Restore option.
  5. Now tick the boss that ask you to format the hard drive and restoring it to factory conditions.
  6. Lastly click the next button to begin the process.

The computer will format the hard drive and install the operating system that came with your computer which is stored in the recovery partition of your hard drive.

Factory reset dell Latitude from USB or DVD

Another option to reset your computer is to use a flash drive or USB with a windows installation.

Factory reset computer using DVD

If you have a DVD Disc with a windows installation

  1. Insert it into the DVD ROM
  2. Switch off the Computer
  3. Then turn it on, as the computer turns on, press F12 key to enter the boot menu
  4. Now Select the DVD so the computer boots from the DVD
  5. Press any key to boot from CD
  6. Select your preferred language and Keyboard language then Next
  7. Now click install.
  8. Enter the product key or select skip if you don’t have it. You can always add it later
  9. Select Custom Installation then next
  10. Windows will now be installed on your computer. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish up
Install Windows

Install windows from USB drive

First you need to create a bootable flash drive. You can use the windows media creation tool. Personally I usually use a third-party tool called Rufus as described in this article they perfom the same functions.

You will need an ISO image of your windows Operating system.

Now install the media creation tool, then run it. Browse to where the ISO image is and click open to select. Now create the installation media.

With the USB drive plugged in follow the same instructions as above for the DVD. That is switch off computer, turn it on, press F12 to enter Boot menu, select the thumb drive and press any key to boot from flash drive.

NB: With the Windows media creation tool, you can download the newest version of windows and use it to create the bootable flash drive

Custom installation of windows

Make sure you have enough data on your internet data plan as the download file is considerable big.

Reset Latitude Laptop without a password

You can factory reset you dell latitude even if you have forgotten the password to your computer.

This guide assumes that you are the owner or you have the legal right yo reset the laptop without the password.

Reset Laptop without password from windows settings

  • Press Start, then select settings
  • Next select update and Security
  • The Recovery
  • Press SHIFT key on your keyboard and then select Reset
  • Then select remove all files

Windows will reset your computer and delete all the files . After its done you will have a fresh new computer

Reset Dell Latitude without pass from Boot menu

  • Switch of the computer
  • Now turn on the computer interrupt the boot process by pressing F8 to get into the Advanced menu. Interrupt the computer 3 times if it does not go into the Advanced settings menu.
  • Select Reset computer
  • The confirm that windows will delete all files

Note, You can find Window Operating System images from both Microsoft and Dell’s Website.

If you have any question or need clarification dont hesitate to hit the comments section.

We will respond as promptly as we can

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