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Your battery has experienced permanent failure

“Your battery has experienced permanent failure and needs to be replaced”
This  message will appear in the BIOS and also on your system notification if you are able to successfully boot. You will probably get this error message sometime in your laptop usage time whether you are using an XPS alienware HP and so on.
Basically it means your laptop battery is dead!
You need to buy a new one. You can get a new battery on this link.

But wait, not so fast, first lets make sure the battery really is dead and needs to be replaced or its just the hardware acting up.

There are couple of things that can cause the computer to show the error “Your battery has experienced permanent failure and needs to be replaced” whilst the battery is fine and its just a system error

Please note if you are connected to a power supply the laptop might boot successfully. Even if you skip the error messages, but that might cause you even further problems. For instance the battery can explode, leak or expand affecting other parts of the computer damaging other parts.

First, lets generate a battery report if you are able to boot without the battery. This will give us a tonne of information about the battery and the its status then we can go to to the steps to check if the battery is dead.

Generate battery report in windows

Go to the Command Prompt (CMD) and type “powercfg /batteryreport” without the quotes and hit enter. You’ll get message with the directory where the battery report is saved usually in “C:/users/yourcomputerName/battery-report.html”. Double click the file, it should open in your browser.

Go through the document and see if the logged times correlate with the actual battery usage.

How to check if laptop battery needs to be replaced.

1. Cleaning and reseating the battery

Shutdown the computer, remove the battery. With a soft cloth clean the terminals and the connectors to the motherboard. Put the battery back and attempt to charge it. An amber or red light on the led light means a problem. In that case the battery would no have been fixed.Also check your cables, the charger and the socket in which its plugged into. If you have a different charger of the same model try charging with it.

2. Flea power

Second check if flea is not the cause of battery permanent failure error. Flea power is the residual electricity remaining after a computer has been shutdown and disconnected from the power source. This can also affect proper functioning of the computer. You can read more about flea power here. To clear flea power, remove the battery and disconnect from the power source. Press and hold the down the power button for about 30seconds. Put the laptop battery back and again test if the battery is charging.

3. Power management tools

Windows power management settings are pretty good but you might have installed a power management utility software. Remove any third party power management tools. This alter the functioning of the computer management system. Some work fine but remove any if have it installed. Shut down the laptop remove the battery and repeat step 2. Now put it back and see if there is any change.

4. Dell ePSA

Using the built in dell diagnostic tools can be useful indeed. Interrupt the boot process by pressing the F2 key and then select diagnostics in the BIOS menu. You can run tests on individual parts of the laptop. Select the battery test and run the test to check for errors. If the battery is dead you will definitely get errors. If you do get errors search for the error code that will be shown.

5. Bios update

Download the latest version of you computer’s Bios from your manufacturer’s website. You will need to know the service tag of your computer so you can accurately identify your system and download the correct drivers on the support and drivers section. If its a dell laptop you can manually navigate through the Dell website’s various products by category, laptop then model line e.g precision, then model number.

5. Technical service

If its under warranty you can contact Dell or your computers manufacturer’s customer care to see if it can be replaced or fixed.

Let us know in the comments section below how you solved your issue.

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If you need to buy a new battery check the batteries below and find one that is compatible with your model be it XPS, inspiron and alienware.

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