Technology changes every day, with every change problems are solved and new problems arise. The wonderful thing is we can find almost all the information on the internet to solve the daily problems we encounter on our smartphones, computers, and other technology products. But the internet also comes with all sorts of scams, misinformation and people with their own agendas so not all information can be trusted. We have decided to share our knowledge with the intention to add to the already available information and provide simple tech solutions. We want to help people make informed decision when buying devices, gadgets and other products. For example when you set out to buy a new computer the options can be daunting.

Accatech Aims

To provide clear easy to follow instructions to solve daily technical issues.

To provide unbiased reviews on Dell products and other tech products.

Build a community to answer and help solve tech related questions and challenges

Why Dell products?

We not only be cover Dell products but also products from other big companies like HP, Lenovo and so on. We mainly focus on Dell products, reason being we have a vast experience in using a number of their devices and service. Our reviews not only come from our knowledge and experience but we also do thorough research before publishing.

How to contribute.

We would highly encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section of the articles. You can send feedback, ask questions by emailing us directly from the contacts us page. Our social media pages can also be used for contact as we will monitor them and answer questions within a reasonable time

At the moment we are not accepting guest blogging. If you feel you have an article that you feel we should right about just let us know.

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